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Cycling 101: The Basics of a Cycling Triathlon

Joining a cycling triathlon is always a good way to meet other cyclists and expand cycling horizon. However, if you’re thinking of joining one, you might want to consider knowing about it so that you won’t be left out. Here are some of the things that you might want to know about a cycling triathlon.

Get the right bike for you. You have to make sure that the bike that you are going to use is the right size for your body shape. This way, you will be able to control your bike better and you will get to perform at your best during the cycling triathlon. If you are planning on using the same bike that you use for your regular bike riding, the results can be much better. You just have to make sure that you check your bike before the actual cycling triathlon. Make sure that all the parts are in perfect shape and none of them are missing.

If you are planning on using a new bike, test it out first. Don’t use it for the first time during the cycling triathlon. Even if you have your body measured and you have been given the right bike in the right size, it doesn’t mean that all will be in perfect place already. You have to test it out first to make sure that you are comfortable riding it.

Develop a bike training program. If you are thinking of joining the cycling triathlon in good spirits, triathlons require a certain level of stamina so that you will be able to last until the end. Although it is best to get a cycling triathlon trainer, you can still train on your own especially if your goal is just to finish the event. All you have to do is ride your bike as much as you can but with moderation. Too much bike riding can cause muscle strains so make sure that you don’t train way too much. Also, eat healthier days before the cycling triathlon. Make sure that you are in perfect health during the event.

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